We’re a company of committed and curious people, we focus end to end digital marketing solution.

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Service Overview

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media marketing networks are a segment of our daily life. Indeed, such networks are essential for billions of worldwide users. The omnipresent feature of Facebook extends to billions of users of the earth’s population daily.

With the far-reaching scope, you would not be surprised to find social networks a vital tool for all businesses. You are behind the competitors if you are not sharing photos on your Instagram, trending on Twitter, or posting on your Facebook.

What We Offer

Facebook ADS

When it comes to Facebook social media marketing, we create Facebook advertisements to target a larger audience base upon your business.

YouTube Ads

Our created YouTube videos attract potential clients to your business.

Google Ads

The advertisements will reach a mass audience with befitting interests.

Account Management:

Vedhunt InfoTechwill manage all your social media account like Reviews, Comments, and Massages.
Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a predominant aspect considered for successful business growth, be it in the domain it is operated or in its size. Leads of any product or service create awareness about the same and increase the company’s sales and profit ratio, thus leading to its prominent growth. It is a beneficial aspect for both the sellers and buyers. Resources, proper time and management is required for getting consistent, and good quality leads.

Solutions We Offer:

We have researched and have compiled vast intent data for our clients to generate these leads into opportunities, which is created by closely analyzing all the signals that include determining third-party information, proper research, job posts and marketing collateral. We aim to deliver exclusive leads in real-time. We do manage these generated leads for our clients.

Qualified Leads:

Leads generated by Vedhunt InfoTech are 100% qualified by QA. Our company’s quality Mechanism closely runs through a rigorous and in-depth checking for all the leads, dedicating the required time and efforts.


We patiently research and study all the existing organizations offering the same services or products. This helps reveal customer’s requirements, which help make the web attractive for the potential customers. This helps develop new preferences and insights into buyer’s profiles and helps create new up-sell opportunities, cross-sell, and convert leads into prospects.

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We’re a company of committed and curious people, we focus end to end digital marketing solution and help our brand to grow in the market and achieve the success.
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